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I was left for broke: magazine queen

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How ya going Franky :)


1st: I just love how the media use the word "joints" as a form of measurement. Like it's a standardised amount we can all relate to.


I'm sure we've all double/triple papered our joints cos 1 tally-ho's worth just doesn't cut it.


I mean, if I remember correctly, my joints were hitting 2g and still weren't smashing me like it used to. And they were the long joint papers, not the tally-hos or venttis

(take regular tolerance breaks folks, you'll thank yourself when you're as high as a teenager)


2nd: I got right to the end of the article and realised this whole story is an advertisement for a TV show coming soon.


I feel dirty.


Tsk, tsk Mark Russell, tsk fucking tsk.  :)



P.S. Here's an obligatory youtube video with Ricky and his six paper joints

.....but, Frank's right, I don't know enough about Prozac but that has to factor in somewhat

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