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Leaves turning yellow, too many nutes?

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G'day guys,


So recently the lower leaves of my plant have started turning yellow,  and has made its way up the plant, i have read up on it and said that it was lack of nitrogen? i added a little bit of miracre grow which has a good dose in it (i know this burns plants easy so i only used a few pinches) and it hasnt helped, i changed the soil from just normal potting mix to


1/3 organic potting mix

1/3 cow manure

1/3 mushroom compost


and it has got worse, im unsure what to do as theres so many mixed opions online, so i joined the ausise comunity for local advice, does the leaves turn from ph being too high or low?


All help appreciated, it has started to flower also so i need a quick fix! photo added



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It aint nute deficiency you HAD it's nute lock out, Now this DIY concoction it's serious NUTE poisoning, without a pic it difficult to diagnose, assuming you are early flower...???

Flush air temp water thru the soil to 3 times the volume of the pot, if no change in 48 hours do again....do this late afternoon if an external grow, so it recovers overnight


Next time you play with soil either forget the cow manure or mushroom compost not both

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