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Using Cannabis for cancer patients


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Apologies if this has been covered already but I'm after some information on using cannabis for cancer patients.

My mum had breast cancer last year. Two surgeries removed the lump and she's undergoing radiation and hormone therapy now which is making her sick and tired.

I've found a lot of research on cannabis successfully treating cancer so I'm encouraging her to grow. She lives in Adelaide, has a large garden and a green thumb.

How should she take it though?

I'm guessing smoking it isn't the best, she has really bad lungs anyway.

Apart from cooking it, are there any other devices that she could use?

I've read a lot about hemp oil but how do you get it?

Thanks for any advise.

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vaporizing is a true medical style delivery system.. there are many on the market.. they all do roughly the same thing..prices vary..


just use your favourite search engine and type in 'vaporizers' ive had one for 3 years and the results are fantastic..imo


sorry to hear about your Mum, my mother has gone thru the same thing..she is in remission, thank goodness..





i have the wooden one... you just need a lighter..and cannabis of course. lol


search 'rick simpson hemp oil' plenty of videos out there on how to make it..


good luck..


Vape for life. Peace

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Check out the Utube video, "run from the cure" by Rick Simpson. 

It revolves around eating high grade oil to fight cancer.

There are now heaps & heaps of testimonials as well as some good science proving that this oil can cure cancer, including breast cancer!


The oil is actually really easy to make, the only hard part is getting hold of the raw materials needed.  Rick Simpson recommends about 60g of oil taken over about 3 mths to cure most cancers.  It takes about a pound of prime buds to make this amount of oil.

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Hey ICH,

I have a nasty growing in my head (had op a few weeks back) so I understand where you and your mum are at

Making oil ain't hard or difficult and all you need is isopropyl alcohol from a chemist, (if they ask what for? tell them surface cleaning. I use it to clean circuit boards.) And a rice cooker.

What I do is place the weed and alcohol into a glass jar and shake the shit out of it for 5-10minutes. Strain the mixture thru a steel sieve. Take the mix and pour it into your rice cooker.

Now, if you do this have the rice cooker outside when you heat it up cos the fumes are HIGHLY flammable. Explosive even, in the right conditions. So outside is best.

Heat the mixture to evaporate the iso down to where there is no iso left. Whilst still hot, pour it into a preheated jar. If its not preheated the jar can smash with the hot hashy liquid.

Allow it to cool with the jar lid off.

taadaa hash oil. Real simple.

Good luck to you and your mum.



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Just a couple of quick tips i've picked up from making my own oil,

tip1; If you buy your iso from the chemist you're going to pay an arm, leg & left testicle.  Try instead a wholesale commercial cleaning company.  They sell it in bulk - 5L or even 20L at about 1/6th the price the chemist will charge you.

Tip2; A safe alternative to a rice cooker is an induction hot plate.  They use magnetic induction to heat rather than a 'hot' hot plate. the induction plate stays just warm to the touch & that warmth is only from the heated material sitting on it not the actual hotplate itself.


Hope these are of some use to somebody.

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