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Outdoor autoflower first grow advice


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Hey guys :)


i'm a first time grower with not really a clue on what are the do's and dont's of it all. I bought a autoflowering northern lights and bubblicious

as just a easy first grow to get my confidence up at it. I'v got some soil from big W out the back which is just regular

potting mix that contains wettasoil granular soil wetter, base fertilisers and bioactiv compost,Will this be alright for my plants? i'm kinda limited on

money but is there anything else that i should put in there? Thanks all in advance, much respect :)



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First off, I'd place the autoflowering seeds in the soil from Big W, then place the pot containing the soil, and the auto seeds, straight in the bin. Whooosh! :twitchsmile:

Next I'd get hold of some real Northern Lights seeds, some coco, some perlite to mix in with the coco, a litre bottle of Green Dream hydro nutes, some pH test strips and some pH down.

Then I'd plant as many as I could in 10 litre pots before the end of February.


you could fuck around and persevere with your present plan.


Also welcome to OzStoners :) and I was only joking about the auto's,... sort of

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