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24 hour light during flower


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Hi all


An embarressing question. What is the likely result from running a 24 hour light cycle for a week 3 weeks into flower? Non auto's. I have tried to look it up around the net with inconsistent answers. Anyone with answers from personal experience would be great (I cant be the only numnut to have done it) :)

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Trick question..... most growers will realise that leaving the lights on for 24hours wont affect the plant at all, simply keep it in vegetative period ....



Not really a trick question when he says they been in flower for 3 weeks................ :whistle: ........... lol ........


I agree with the others, just gonna have to ride it out and hope for the best........ Peace. Nibbler.

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Yeah man you want to change that straight away to only 12 on 12 off. As far as the plant's speaking, it thinks it's going into Autumn and Winter, which is when it flowers, and in the wild, germinate and release seeds. Of course, this isn't the only way it knows when to flower (humidity, temperature, even CO2 levels) but light cycles effect it the most. 

But it would be nice to see the results of 24 hour flowers :P 

Good luck :) 


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yeah that was the plan, accidentally had timer on 'on' instead of auto so lights stayed on but didnt notice because I dont go in there in the dark period



Yet another good reason to have a small incandescent GREEN bulb 25w-40w, in the ceiling of your grow room, as the green bulb is not supposed to affect the plants in anyway, though there is some dispute with this, but not from me...lol

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