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Edible Hash Making and Grinder Cleaning 2-for-1 Tute

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If you use a coffee grinder for mulling/chopping your cannabis you are sitting on a hash goldmine - ok, may be a bit of an exaggeration but... (read on)

THC (via trichomes), is the active part of cannabis, and is oil soluble, that’s why we make canna butter and cannabis oils. Did you know trichomes are also soluble in acids like lemon juice or citric acid?

My grinder blew up (literally), so I figured it was a good time for a science experiment and tute.


What you need:

  • Citric acid, found with baking stuff at any food store under $3
  • An old non-working grinder or
  • supper-sticky resin-filled muller -must be non-porous (not wood)
  • Time

if using an electric grinder, use a broken one or you will ruin it.



My very dead grinder before cleaning:


Use less than 1/8th teaspoon citric acid -mix with water (maybe 2 -5 ml).



Pour the citric acid/water mix into the grinder and swish the water around, let it sit for a few min (longer is better) use your CLEAN fingers to rub the sides of the grinder (and lid). Add fresh clean water (to the citric acid water) if/when needed.

The once-clean water turns a murky grey almost instantly. That murky-ness are the trich's coming off your grinder.


I also put some in the grinder's lid



I used a cup of ice cold water to rinse my finger off after rubbing the grinder.


at the bottom of the cup are tric's, they look like sand, I drank the water when I was finished, trics and all.


My grinder is well over two years old, grinding at least 2 oz each month.

So layers upon layers of tric's built up over those two years. Think of the tric build-up like a build-up of wallpaper; to get rid of it you need to - get it wet, scrape some off - get it wet again scrape some off, rinse, repeat.


After a few min of rubbing, and using my CLEAN fingernails to scrape the grinder - don't use anything stronger than a fingernail or similar, you don't want metal or plastic shards in your hash.


and yes, that is 'cleaner'


Pour out the water/hash mix onto a plate or something so the liquid can evaporate.

post-4942-0-78973200-1357955802_thumb.jpg (take a close look between plate and grinder, you can see the wire that blew up)

(making hash via evaporation is called Hillbilly hash)

Once the citric acid and hash mixture began to separate (trichomes fall to the bottom), I use a spoon to syphon some 'water' off the top and I reused that water in the grinder to clean some more, added extra water, but not citric acid.


I used close to 1/4c of water all-up- for rinsing, re-rinsing etc, lots of evaporation too


After a mixture of sitting (letting the citric acid do it's thing) and scrapping, kind of looking clean.




After 24 hours of evaporation I have a plate full of hash, mostly dry



48hours later- dried (it has been rather humid here)


a ball of hash weighing more than 1.5gms

(not all hash still citric acid in there too)


DO NOT smoke this hash it is for cooking or eating.

Because the citric acid has broken down the trics': this hash is water soluble

a 0.50gm ball of hash, with water, starts becoming one with the water almost instantly (can't do that with regular hash)



I like this hash in my cola, but I also like lemon in cola.

This hash has an extreme citric acid taste, chose your vehicle (drink/food) carefully.


No need to heat the hash due to the acid nature of citric acid, it has done the cooking (de-carbbing) for you: kind of like cooking fish with lime juice.



if you are not use to the effects of eating cannabis please start slow and wait for at least 2 hours before eating more.

I am a heavy cannabis user, 0.3gm ball of this hash puts me in a very happy place yet puts hubby to sleep.


Keep out of reach of kids, pets and any other beings who do not partake.


Most importantly,



My info/idea came from here:

Decarboxylation of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol: Kinetics and molecular modeling


Edit: lost a few paragraphs, grr...oh look at that, got to re-write, oh and look there- out of place...


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Nice tute MT.... This could also be good for cleaning pipes and cone pieces

didn't think of using it as a pipe cleaner, would be better than the meth spirits I've been using...

- will find our spare pipe and give it a go.


FYI to those reading

The (left-over) stuff in cones/pipes a different 'resin' from that of trichome resins, and gross (IMO). I'm not up on it, but that resin

is yucky (like my technical term? ha) Don't eat, smoke or use the 'leftover resin' otherwise -it's yucky.


Thank you Louise.


Cheers all


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Yeah, agree completely on the bong crud... that stuff should never be called resin, even in jest.


Crud - A substance that is disgusting or unpleasant, typically because of its dirtiness.




You've got me thinking now Matti, this could be dangerous. Once I have some hash to play with I will have to try a few other acids... white wine vinegar, cream of tartar. Definitely have to try it with cream of tartar... just imagine it hash infused pavlova!

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taking this idea in another direction (only cause I can't find the spare pipe)


My mull tin (ages old) with a little citric acid (ca) sprinkled around


I then added a little water, cleaned a bit and, well - more hash



if you do use ca in a tin,when finished cleaning, rinse your tin with fresh water and dry well

and don't let the citric acid stay in the tin too long, it will eat the container away.





Edit:I don't think I ever post something without editing it...

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Here are the results for trying to clean a pipe with citric acid

worked BUT

side by side, the acid discoloured the cone holder thingy


The cone piece was easy to clean with the citric acid and the back of a knife


My cleaning tool of choice is a cotton bud or 10.


not sure why I didn't bother with before photos...stoner moment

I did not save the citric acid water from this, the smell was yucky :)

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Nice tip, thanks for posting and following up with the pipe pics.


In regards to the bong gunk......you'd be surprised how many desperate uni students out there scrape that shit up on a regular basis. I would be lying if I hadn't been there....disgusting, heavy on the lungs, but if done properly gets you smashed.


An old trick, which I'm embarrassed to share, was to break up a few ciggies into a bowl, pour your black (you've not been changing it due to this reason) bong water into it with the tobacco. Let it sit so the tobacco soaks up the bong water. Dry and away you go.....WARNING: this is gross beyond thinking and will leave you wheezing like a mofo.

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