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Soil mix for indoor grow


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Been a long while since I've been on the boards, had a little hiccup with the last grow and had to shut it down early. Did a Jack 33 in coco since then and everything went fine. I'm pretty much over my LED experiment now (maybe once more).


Been thinking about trying out organic growing so as not to worry about ppm/ph and bottles of shit. I've been using this mix for my tomato's and they're fucking huge. Wondering if some of you organic type growers could critic my mix and let me know if this will work for cannabis?




20L Organic Potting soil - Searles Garden Soil Mix

20L Organic Compost - Searles Real Compost Mix

10L 50/50 Perlite/Vermiculite

5L Cow Manure


If I have any around I sometimes throw in 5L of coco coir too.


For every 20L of the above mix I add...

1/2 cup blood and bone w/ potash (8:5:1)

1 cup dolomite lime

1 cup alfalfa meal

1 tsp of humic acid

1 tsp of epsom salts


Mix it up with some seasol and maxicrop and let it cook for a month before I use it.


Would love some feed back from some experienced growers.


Just for fun attached a pic of my last LED grow Jack 33 in coco with Canna (got 2oz)


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