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Its ok in Queensland. Best to start them off indoors under 18 or 24 hour lighting for a few weeks. Get them as big as you can then wack them outdoors and they'll start to bud in a couple of weeks. You might not get much out of them but smaller plants are less likely to get spotted and ripped off. Also, the cops concentrate their searches around April and May I think. Its not that they haven't yet figured out Pot can grow all year round. They just can't be fucked looking outside the harvesting season. So yeah, go for it. Edited by Chong
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Yes, you can stick plants in a greenhouse with a HID or two set to come on when the light fades, you would also need a heating system in the cooler climates, they use this method to grow "cut flowers" out of season. The main disadvantages are that you will be lighting up the neighbourhood and it will act like a beacon to the copper chopper (except for tassie cops, they can't afford one).


It would be cheaper and better yield-wise to grow fully indoors, fewer problems with bugs too.


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Its ok in Queensland.

Depends where ya are in Queensland Chong.


I'm in QLD and when we get frosts out where i am, the temp can get down to minus 6.


Sometimes it's that cold that ya have to wait for the water to unfreeze in the pipes before you can get water , and the animals' water troughs have turned to ice. :D


But ya get used to it. :D


As far as i'm concerned it's a good reason to stay inside in front of the fireplace and smoke bongs. :D

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I think there are pads you can buy which work like electric blankets. You put them under the pots to warm the roots when the temperature gets too low. Anyone know much about those? I like the idea of growing out of season. Edited by Chong
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The more sunlight the better they grow but if the plants are small then too much sun can kill them so a little shade is good for the first couple of weeks or so.


Those heaters are just rubber mats with an electric coil inside. Probably a good way to go. You'll only need them if it gets really cold and I'm sure they don't use many watts. A large gardening place might have them.




Some heating pads and commercial warming trays. Mostly for seedlings.



There is also stuff for enclosed greenhouses.

GreenHouse Temperature Control Equipment.


From GreenMansPage.com: Another Hydroponic Marijuana Growing Guide.

Optimum temperature depends on the plants. Generally, Phosphorus up-take is severely impeded below 15 degrees Celsius, so that’s our bottom temperature. It is recommended to heat the nutrient if it is below 15 degrees Celsius for more than 4 hours per day. Maximum temperatures are, (as a guide) around 30 degrees Celsius but as long as it is well below the temperature where humans start to sweat the plants should be all right.


Use common sense. If the plants are in 20-25 degree temperatures and 40-60% humidity, then it is likely that you would feel comfortable where the plants are. By coincidence, plants tend to grow best in climates approximate to human comfort. So if you visit your plants and it feels like a blast furnace, or a freezer, it is likely they would benefit from some attention on the matter. Fresh air is absolutely essential in shade-house, tunnel-houses, glasshouses and grow-rooms, as the Carbon Dioxide the plants breathe is essential for every plant process. Poor ventilation will kill plants, as surely as poison. You will notice ventilation problems by the better growth near vents, doors, or fans.

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