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Can plants become female at late stage?


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Hello, I'm a bit concerned that most of my plants are male.... This happened last year, but just before they started to flower most of the plants that seemed male showed female hairs! I'm in the same situation this year, it's Jan' so pretty late in the season. I hope they're not mostly male! Does anyone have this kind of experience with plants showing female hairs at a very late stage?

Cheers :-)

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Hi Jarrah, I am assuming you are growing outdoors. If so, it is still a bit early for flowering proper to start, but you may have preflowers on your plants. I am in a similar situation, and at this stage I have 6 with a few female flowers, 5 with probable male preflowers, and 3 that are yet to show anything. I use a little magnifying loupe to check the node points on mine for preflowers, according to most experienced growers this is a fairly accurate method for sexing plants, I'm not quite fully convinced yet. Unless you are in a position where you need to cull some of your plants you should let nature take its course, shouldn't be too much longer and they will start showing sex. Best of luck with your grow
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