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Can trunks be buried?


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Quick question, I know you can do it for tomatoes, but if you replant a cannabis plant, can you bury the trunk further than what it has been previously? With tomatoes if you repot them deeper they will send out roots from the trunk where it is covered with soil basically, does the same principal apply here or will doing that create trunk issues? Reason I ask is one of mine that was eaten has got one shoot regrowing, but right at the top of the plant. The trunk isn't that thick, and am concerned once it takes off that it will snap due to the weight being top heavy.
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I use to do this all the time with any and all outdoor grows, it offers the plants a big advantage to coping with life in the wild, yes just like tomatoes they grow roots out the trunk, best to germ and veg under red(2700k) lights going for the tall lanky look, worried about stem snapping ..? stick a fan in the grow room
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