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Why Hydroponic chemical is worth more then Organic!


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Get really high and ready for some real talk for once. Organic is great everything should be Organic. Why do I feel Hydro bud is worth more then Organic then? Organic fertilizers, soil, ect. are not great they are really high in arsenic and other heavy metals. Arsenic can be found in nature yet it kills most life, do I feel smoking it is better then say bud grown with General Hydroponics? Honestly, I would rather smoke GH. Weed shouldn't be grow or sprayed with Chemicals or Organics that are toxic or neurotoxins in any way, and should be priced accordingly in a higher manner. Monopotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, ect. I stay far from.


P.S fluorine is natural, yet I stay far from it. I will not use fluoride tooth paste.

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