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Too late to start?


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Ok, so I have had a bit of bad luck with the plants I had been growing. Overfertilised the autos that I had going, repotted one of my main plants in a mix that killed that one, had some others going well, but then the next problem occured - something ate all the leaves on my plants. Only got 2 left that have started to regenerate leaves now, the others have died, time will tell if they will survive or yield anything. So I finally got around to ordering more seeds. Question now is, I'm guessing mid January before the seeds arrive; I'm in Sydney, so for an outdoor grow how much success will I actually have planting that late? I ordered both normal seeds and autos, obviously not too worried about the autos but I also know I won't get huge yields off them. Will the others basically go the same as autos given the short time frame? Any idea on yields versus a full term plant?
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hi, personaly i would be looking out for what was eating the plants in the first place, i wouldn't want you plant and the same thing happen again, as i has said before pop-up food (fly) protectors will stop Grasshoppers and Butterfly's (caterpillars). At least untill they are adecent size. good luck

Munchy :unknw:

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I think I am right now, didn't have anything protecting them to start with and just one day all leaves gone, put up the chicken wire around but put a couple of other plants in there that had been somewhere else, the got eaten that night too - put the bird netting over them the following day. It wasn't something small that got them, it was about 6 plants all in one night and looked like they had almost been trampled too. Netting etc around everything from now on!

I guess even if I only get a couple of ounces or so per plant that go in now, its still better than nothing.

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