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Should a first timer attempt an outdoor scrog?


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Hi all


About 8 weeks ago i didn't even know what a scrog was, but having done a bit of research am attempting it on my first ever grow.


My gut feel is that my little bit of knowledge is probably dangerous in this situation and I will most likely regret my decision. So wanted to show you all how it looks and get some advice as to whether I should bother or is it too complex for a newb?


Strain: train wreck by greenhouse seeds

Age: about 6 weeks (grown from seed)




P.S can't seem to attach pics via iPad, will do so in the morning on my laptop.

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Hey Manx,


You can learn a shitload from your mistakes or succeed from your trial cos mate there is nothing hard or difficult about a SCROG and my first grow years ago was a SCROG long before the internet and my knowledge of a scrog. SCROG is great for small spaces which is where I started. But even now that I have a big space I still SCROG. And Bufo is right just keep pushing the growth down under a net and BINGO, SCROG.

My View, Go for it, do it. it aint hard. Spread it out like a starish with your plant in the middle. Once the plant is established, tip the crown and the plant will push out more lateral growth and just keep pushing it down under the netting. Train it out under the net. DO NOT WEAVE IT THROUGH THE NETTING. Believe me, its a bastard trying to remove buds from stems that have been weaved and if you need to remove the netting for any reason you can't.

If you need more info or have a question come and ask some ere will kno



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Although the plant below is sitting in perlite the roots are in deep water culture.... High % sativas in dwc stretching under a screen will keep anyone busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest,... but it can be done












post-11113-1208808894_thumb.jpg Trim any growth that doesn't make the screen by start of flowering.




This was probably a bad choice of plant for a scrog, not sure, I think this grow would have been Super Silver Haze... it should have been flowered sooner too, as soon as the plant had touched the screen. A more Indica variety could have been flowered when the screen was half full




Training plants is great fun, once you get the hang of keeping as many tips at the same height as possible you won't need a screen

These were tied down along the sides of the planter. Builders string and paper clip hooks make it easy... It's a wicked hobby, have fun


post-11113-1261824401_thumb.jpg post-11113-1261824220_thumb.jpg


post-11113-1258470069_thumb.jpg post-11113-1259010406_thumb.jpg

post-11113-1258469525_thumb.jpg post-11113-1258471660_thumb.jpg


Edit sorry about the large pic size on opening. These pics were linked from old attachments/threads

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