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Pots for hydroponic use..


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Hello every one was looking at some different pots to use for hydro ....want to get different pots then what I have


I use the cheap black ones from bunnings ...........


I was thinking about switching over to the rocket pots

Had a look at the smart pots

Found a cool outdoor growbag by botanicare

Then I saw the plant warrior pots

This tomato trellis garden looks like it could be easily used for hydro

Root maker containers have some nice injected moulded containers , they also have a cool pot designed to grow into the ground

Had a look at the NF smart grow pro gardener

Botanicare also have some hercules pots , they look like net pots but I am pretty sure they arnt

The Eco 15 gallon pot , which claims to increase yields


Has anyone had any exp with these or other hydro pots ? .....would like to know what people think about these different pots


Cheers :) Brimstond

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Not really Lou , but , I grow and flower in pretty small pots and Im pretty sure it effects my yields (among other things ) ......I cant really move to bigger pots with the small room

So if any of these different pots will improve the plants in anyway would like to know ... but I think its mainly me wanting some fancy pots Lou lol


Plus I like the idea of being able to flatten the rocket pots for storage n stuff ....


Ill be wanting to use pebbles for the pots so I dont know if all the extra air holes will be any difference......... but it may




Cheers :) Brimstond

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not many of those links are astrayian mate

i have the rocket pots 1.2 ltr atm for vege

only been a week so cant really comment

atm im having to immerse em in nutes as to get a even watering

once roots are established may be diff

but atm my opinion is they would be better with a hard bodied container for watering

all the best


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Yeah Billopuffalot , links where just to sorta show the pots .................should have probly got Aus links for them


Was wondering if water would come out of the holes on the side of the rocket pots , are you having to immerse because water runs out of the holes instead of going down?

I imagine that this may not be a problem with pebbles ........

I suppose different pots may have been designed with different medium in mind .........


Cheers :) Brimstond

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