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Couple Qs about Skunk special


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Hey guys doing a small grow with 2 skunk special plants scrog style with a 1.5m x 1.2m screen under 2 x 600w globes cos dont have room for a grow room at the moment.

just wondering how tall the branches should be through the screen when i turn too 12/12 for flowering?


does anyone know how much this strain will strech during flower?

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I do scrog with netting screen

All of my growth is below the screen. I make sure each 4in x 4in square has a bud, then turn 12/12.

When you go 12/12 the growth splurt can be huge and if ya fill ya space up with growth there is no room for bud.

Although you got 1.5x1.2 screen, what sort of hieght do ya have, can you lift your lights?

My light setup is on a straight bar with a bearing in the centre, so I can swivel my lights.

The bar has a rope and pulley setup so I can raise and lower my lights.

Also my steel mesh netting has a steel frame, like a table, with hieght adjustable legs so I can raise and lower that as well.

The legs of the table run from the floor up thru the table and stick up above the table, in this way I can stretch trailer nets above the steel mech using the tops of the 4 legs to support the weight of the buds.

And dispite me having all this adjustability, last grow I ran out of room to grow due to a timer fault. DOH.

So don't 'veg' too much


I do have a question, 1.5 x 1.2 x 600w x 2 for 2 plants. Thats a shit load of light for that space. What sort of fan are you running? Are you using a cooltube?

Some pics would help



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