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Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose Open Up About Marijuana and Babies

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Couldn't agree with him more. Although he has the advantage of it not being illegal where he is. In Australia a parent will have to overcome the whole,'it's illegal little Timmy, but you're daddy knows better' thing which would prove more problematic. Wen little Timmy goes to school and tell his teacher what his dad does at night....well, its just hit the fan.
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Never hidden anything from my kids .... five kids, they have always known I grow, only one smokes weed, two did intermitently but haven't for years. One did ecstasy and a bit of speed when she was a teenager but nothing since then, All are full on into sport, three have families.


None of them drink much at all, probably less than average.

I don't drink, used to but can't be bothered anymore plus I have seen all the associated problems.


Sounds like a boring lot but trust me it isn't lol.


However Its not all good, my wife is a chronic alcoholic and so are the rest of her family, and they all use/abuse every every drug known plus ones a heronic addict.

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