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Has this plant started to re-flower ?


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a week or 2 ago the buds on this plant looked like they were coming along nicely, really fattening up with lots of white resin on the leaves and more bud than leaves but this week there just appears to be a lot more green leaves everywhere they seem to be all over the place. could this plant have started to re-flower again ?

any tips on what to do now or does this just need patience and a waiting game ? damit was hoping to smoke this naughty girl over the xmas break


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G'day jabu .

Mate she is re-veggin !

She is a sativa dominant plant as well !

Are you feeding her any nitrogen ?

Was she vegged indoors and put outdoors to flower?


You can cover her up with black plastic so she doe'snt get to much light each day if you wish !

Do this after 10-11hrs of sunlight !

Revege can be a good thing cos you will get bigger buds eventually !

Good luck !

Potrocket !

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this plant has been outside all along. the seeds where thrown in the dirt in early August so about 4 1/2 months old so i guess the days have been getting longer since the plant started growing.


Hey Naycha, when you say harvest the majority. The top 2 branches have what "looked" like 2 nice big buds growing on where I topped the plant.. Do you think there is a decent amount of THC already in those buds ? as it currently looks like a lot of leaves. i dont need super great weed right now just something to smoke would be good for the xmas break.


maybe cutting off the top 2 buds would kick in some survival instincts and get the plant to hurry up a bit?!

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The plant is responding to the longer daylight hours and returning to vegetative growth... trimming off buds wont hurry anything up. What it will do is give you some buds to smoke.


If you do as Naycha suggested you'll have buds to smoke and your plant will regrow and provide you with another harvest in the autumn.

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I had a plant do the same thing..do as Naycha and or louise says, It was a satty dom pheno like yours as well, i believe sativas are slightly more photoperiod sensitive, anything over 12/12 and revege starts, i flowered my last sativa grow with 11/13..to avoid this genetic strait.


enjoy ya buds for xmas..


vape for life! Peace to all..

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You might be able to shorten the photoperiod by blocking light and using creative placement. If you have a big, hollow tube about 1m diameter and, say, 1-2m long, the plant would only get direct sun during a few hours a day, and should be pretty well shaded for the first and last few hours each day. You might have to come up with an explanation for why you have a two-meter-tall cylinder in your yard, though...
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