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Think i have aphids


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So at my place i have LOTS of black ants, they don't really bother me that much except when u leave food out. So my creame caramel auto is about 2-3 weeks from finishing and i noticed that the black ants where very interested in her which is unusual.


So on further inspection the ants where trying to eat the aphids so i think they are aphids.


So i got rid of the ants and since im so close to finishing i just got an old tooth brush and brushed the undersides of the leaves removing the aphids.

Is this the right move?

Some fan leaves where so covered it was easier to just remove them


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Hiya there Judgefudge :peace:


I was reading up on them the other day. I had the little black citrus ones on the new lime and never fruiting mandarin growth. the ants were going crazy all over them. I found out they actually farm them and 'milk' them as such lol http://www.small-farm-permaculture-and-sustainable-living.com/natural_pest_control_aphids.html I ave a lot of ladybirds and litlle waspy things (hornets too) that got in to them... Its true, the ants actually attack the insects trying to get at the aphids. Its a trip lol


I did however give them a daily morning spray regime on the heaviest infestations with eco-neem, trying not to get any good guys. Oh, I also got rid of the ants with keeping them damp and blocking off their access up the trunks with grease *see link. The predators did their job then. they do a better job than the neem for sure. Handy for a quick stop though. I don't know how it might be w/cannabis but I hope this helps a little.


Peace to you. v :sun:

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