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My fan seems to be starting to make some rather loudish noises of late and I was wondering if anybody could help me with this. It used to go along at a nice volume and the sound was constant. It has started to make some wail type noises now and will become a bit louder for about 20 minutes or so then go lower again etc etc. I was thinking maybe it just needed a little crc or something sprayed on it to try and fix it up but I thought I would ask and see if anybody else has ever had problems with the fans they use.
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The propeller fan was found to be superior to the centrifugal fan in that the efficiency was about twice as great, and the flow much smoother.


a direct comparison of the efficiency and smoothness of flow obtained with propeller fan and multiblade centrifugal fan drives


Website about fans


I think if the fans is making noises then its time to buy another.

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You get what you pay for. Cheap bathrooom fans will eventually die on you as they're not rated for continuous use. They're designed to run for short periods of time, like 20 mins at most, then left off...


Bathroom fans are for bathrooms, not growrooms. If you need a fan for your growroom, get a growroom fan. These are designed to run continuously, and are usually substantially stronger than the bathroom type.


Mine is a 250mm Hydro turbo, (295mm housing), 800m3/hr. Now that's a fan. And only 120 or so retail. :P


You'll thank yourself when you purchase a decent one.


Oh, and yeah, centrifugal fans may not be quite as efficient, but they are usually far more powerful and able to move far more air at harder pressure. This is why most using carbon filters use centrifugal fans, because it's a harder pulling/pushing power. :o Co-axial fans will do the job, certainly, but you may find they'll be a little strained at what you'd think would be an okay speed.


The noise difference is usually quite noticeable too. Although it's far easier to house a centrifugal fan in a soundproof houseing, (usually a large barrel filled with insulation material around the fan, with ducting inside to move the air.) than a co-axial, but it's still quite possible with a co-ax to reduce noise levels substantially. Some mount fans on rubber bands, particularly the smaller ones, on hooks which are stretched out from the main exit hole. The area around the fan is covered in the next size ducting for the fan, (like a 100mm fan would be covered with 150mm ducting) and this in turn is surrounded by insulation material like foam or quilting to baffle the sound. If you deal with any fiberglass or dangerous insulations, please, seal it, and wear a breathing mask and safety glasses. Fiberglass is not fun in eyes or lungs, ok? :P


Hope this helps. :D

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As the prophecy foretold Luke has brought balance to the force.... again. And I didn't know about being able to put insulation around the fan to reduce noise further. I am pretty sure I read that carbon filters can reduce noise. So that in theory a centrifugal fan hooked up to a carbon filter and covered in insulation would make next to zero noise or at least a hell of a lot less than normal
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Guest BudWaver

Like luke said


Mine is a 250mm Hydro turbo, (295mm housing), 800m3/hr. Now that's a fan. And only 120 or so retail.


Those ones are very very good...and about 95$ at Bunnings

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