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Rattys garden 2012


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Hey all,

Just a couple of pics of my outdoor run this year. 10 Ingrid clones.

I'm going to try to get them into flower earlier this year, about mid Jan if possible. I'll make up a black hood soon as i know how high they are going to get then it'll be a case of hood on 8pm, hood off 8am thru to probably mid to late febuary.

They will be planted in another week or 2, for now they can stay as they are in the bush. I wanted to get them off the veranda, tomorrow i'll get some clear tree bags to keep them a little warmer hopefully.

Last year i tried out some veggie bags which didn't do any better than being in the ground except that come Autum i was able to move them indoors & finish them off. This year i want to finish them all outdoors. All the veggie bags were dumped out after harvest in the spot where my enclosure is so i'll be planting them straight into it. Its a mix of coco, potting mix & perlite with a bit of worm casting & old chook poop thrown in. Before i propperly plant them I'll sweeten up the soil mix with this years load of worm castings plus some more well aged chook poop.



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Cheers guys, i'll keep you updated as it goes along.

I haven't put netting over the top this time, instead i put several layers of randomly laid chicken wire & bird netting round the base, the theory being that possums won't like to climb over it all because its loose & they can get tangled easy. Last season i had a smart ass possum that figured out it could climb on top of the bird netting weighing it down to give the critter access to the juicy tops! A possum trap & a 10klm relocation up the mountain fixed his little red wagon! Possum trap is again on hand just in case.....

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