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Outdoor vic


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Hey all I thought I would share my first outdoor grow started back I'm sep/oct started from bagseed.


Soil ph 6.5

Feeding 17.5 ; 9.c2 ; 26.5


This is the first time using lst method which is acually a lot easier than I thought and not sure why I hadn't previously done it. Marijuana plants sure are hardy little plants.

First one is 3 months old in 10 gal pot and have two 2 month old plants in 5 gal pots.


Had a bout of bug problems which neem oil is helping keep it under wraps. Also had a problem with birds eating the bud sites which some netting seems to be doing its job. All this with the temprature fluctuations we have been having have made it all the more challenging, the joy I get out of it is totally worth it. Have a look at the pics and ill keep updating progress.

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Thanks for the kind words

Yeah the sand is burring the gnats alive so far it seems to be pretty effective, the nutes are some I picked up from the local hydro store designed for a hydro setup, I have some fish emulation and some gogo juice which I will be alternating the hydro nutes with to keep it a bit more organic.


Anybody know when they will naturally start flowering, feb/march?

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The Gogo juice will more feed the soil rather than the plants and will go well with the fish emulsion.


Flowering will depend a bit on strain but anywhere from mid jan to mid feb is good , anything later than that is pushing it a bit .

Anzac Day is a good time to be finishing up here .


Enjoy the good weather that's on it's way !

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hey welcome up l2icho , good job youve done with these babes too

the lst is well worth the time spent as it repays you with more buds at harvest

its surprising at how much insect pests really sap the vitality of plant growth


like Dopedogg says the flowering times , im in north Vic and they usually flower 1st- 2nd week in Feb. so those plants have plenty of time to vegetate

'specially if they are in bigger pots ...anyways all the best with them l2icho


and have fun :peace:

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central vic - good season, all outside plants finished, total yeild - aprox 2 lb mixed bagseed, still another 6 monsters in my greenhouse 2 in flush atm others  will not be to far off. i have 2 that i got buds from last year and revegged and will yeild well again this year - debating wether 2 reveg again. have cloned the better of the 2 - it looks like an ak48 but cant b sure as was from bagseed, i have 4 of these clones in wk 5 flower in my tent now, so im keeping the strain rockin !

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