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Reveg Autoflower


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I've had a roadrunner autoflowering plant growing outdoors for just over a couple of months, and the time came to give her the snip and enjoy the rewards. This was my first time growing an autoflower, so I was a little surprised at how small it was. Even though I have heard that autoflowering cannabis plants can't be revegged (since technically they don't have a vegetation stage) it can't hurt to try, so I have cut the stem just above the lowest node in the hope that it will sprout out a couple of new tops.

Anyone tried this before? I'll keep taking photos if i get any positive results.


I also added a photo of the main cola before she was harvested for those that are interested.

Peace out,




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To start with the growing medium is crap, that's the main reason the plant is so small.


You need to transplant into Coco or get a soil potting mix that has around 6 other components added to it.

In short just straight potting mix will never grow a good plant. too much clay, bark, and shitty PH levels.


Your experiment will work but the results will be very poor unless you change the crap they are growing in.


Good luck

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