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The war on drugs is lost

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I've gotta hate that they say everyone is different in there own way but when it comes to addiction we are all the same. Like when I took my daughter to the health nurse for check up and to see how she was coming along. They said she should be moving around a lot more I said why always ask why, she replied to me that my baby should be walking around the same time as the rest. I said you have just come up with a model and base everyone around that which is bullshit. They even say if u have some sort of disease in the family get checked cause likely u will get it because ur all from basically the same DNA. What I'm saying is everyone is different and to say I get addicted to pot dose not mean you will. I'm a strong believer in the word addiction, I believe everyone has at least one addiction but doesn't mean they will be controlled by it. At the end of the day the meaning of the word addiction to me is something so great what ever it be makes you happy to do so. Also I believe 9/10 people can take drugs for fun the rest fuk it up for us. They blame bad misfortunes in life as an excuse to do buger all and bludgeon off everyone else thinking we should feel sorry for them. Fuk emotions are a waste of time. Thanks for reading my long rant
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