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Any guesses on how much longer ?


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yes i know i need a microscope, its in the post, but while I wait anyone got any guesses on how much longer to go before harvest time ? this is a outdoor grow.


my first grow ever and the first time i am trying to work out when to harvest. i've made some mistakes along the way but have learnt a lot for the next grown when i can get some decent seeds but for now this will have to do. was hoping to have some ready for xmas ... its my present to myself hohoho



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looking at those thin-bladed leaves and the pistals she is strong sativa strain of equatorial origins?,.... would be best to wait another month before reconsidering harvest again IMO

provided she doesnt start to re-flower with the lengthening daylight hours




Hey frazz love your work mate.

But because it's auto flower plant it won't no any better right.

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hey thanks for all your replies, I wasn't sure whether I maybe just had a bad strain that wasn't fattening up but now i know to hold off a bit. have another camera i can get my hands on with a more close up lens so will give that a go towards the end of the week to check out those trichomes :)


i take it at this stage of the game I should just be letting them do there thing and only adding water ? i went the route of slow release fertilizer which from what I've read and learnt doesn't seem to be the way to go, everything I've read is people adding nutes from within the water they add, i guess it allows better control especially at the end when you want to flush the fertilizers out.

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