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Choosing Strain

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Hi Guys, just joined the other day.


I have put in an order to Bonza.


*New* Auto Short Rider

**NEW** The Doctor Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Auto Bubblelicious Cannabis Seeds

Big Bang Feminised Cannabis Seeds


I have chronic pain, sleeplessness, restless leg syndrome, chronic fatigue and Fybryomylaga and arthritus in spine.

That's a mouth full.

I am 51, hard life, still go to work every day.


I have had a few strains I have picked up that fix it all, little or no Munchies(overweight already),lots of get up and go too.

Anyone konw of a strain that does these things?


I have ordered a tent 900mmx500mmx1600mmh

130Watt 2700/6500 CFL

I made 3 bubbler DWC buckets

ordered clay balls, Dutch Master Cloning gell and nutrient, dutch master grow A, and Flower part B, and rockwool cubes.


Only want 3 plants at a grow.

Any suggestions are welcome as I don't know shit.


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I don't know shit.


Welcome to the club. :)


What I can tell you is you'll probably need more than 1 x 130W CFL.


Question: Why'd you choose that light and that amount of watts and is there an option to spend more on equipment and electricity? (cos that needs to be addressed before anyone can give you any light advice).


Sounds like you got some good plans already, so good luck,

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I have the same tent using a 15lt res but more light and my res stays around the 20-22 mark with temps at the canopy constant 25-27 degrees. Will you have an extraction fan? Good air flow is the key to keeping temps down in a tent. If you can keep your temps at the canopy down your res should be a few degrees cooler.
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