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Medical MJ? Is it legal?


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Yo guys, just joined for alittle insite on the law for Western Australia, so if anyone know the answer to my topic, please respond ;).


OKAY, So here's the deal:

About 5 weeks ago i had a Injury on my spine, in which i cannot work. I'm trying to claim centerlinks disability pention atm, and i have a work comp claim in, so it's a serious injury. Is it possible to get a perscription in Perth for weed? My pain is actually fucking bad, they offered me morphine instead of codine (highest pain killer).

Obviously i smoked previously to the injury anyways, and the pain does actually subside enough whilst high to were i can get things i need (climb into my car/walk dogs/whatnot). Anyone with any information?

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The short answer is "NO". It is illegal.

I use pot as a 'Pain management' tool. It is not a pain killer. I use codiene, oxycodone, Tramadol to reduce pain. Now I say reduce cos I'm yet to find some thing that KILLS the pain.

For me, and I say 'ME' cos I know it doesn't work like this for everybody, but, for me often with the pain I don't eat and pot gives me an appetite. The pharma drugs are often so heavy I cannot function, the pain is dulled enough for me to sleep, but I'm so doped up often I can hardly walk or put two words together. And the hangover is YUCK

When I am in pain, all I can think about is the F%$Kin pain. It is the centre of my world. Pot allows me think with a reduced focus of pain. It allows me to function, it allows me to work and I can reduce my pharma intake by smoking pot. And less pharma has to be better for my insides cos some of the shit the Dr's prescribe sure aint.

And although I have previously told Dr's of my pot use, some will look down their noses like 'You hardcore druggie,you' and now it is in my medical records "User of Illicit substances", So be careful who you tell.


Presently there is nowhere in Oz you can get it perscibed as you wish, for pain. If there was I would be living in that state and the big pharm companies would be out there selling it. There is talk of them using Sativex here in Oz, but not for pain but more for drug addiction. But Sativex does not contain all of the components of cannabis and although it may contain the ingredients that work for you, it may not too.

Although it doesn't help you here and now, the only way to garuntee quality and supply of your own meds, is to grow your own. I know cos I do.


Good luck with it all


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Hi Lynx,


you and i are in the same boat, save your time and in your moments of low pain start a garden...do lots of homework regarding cultivation, harvesting and curing.. this site has all the info you need to get started.take notes and do a plan.good luck..


Vape for life....Peace.


Ive been staring at alot of ceilings for the last 16 weeks, taking box upon box of valium, codeine, you name it.. ive being in hospital on morphine.. I truely understand your position.. forget about the chemist for pot, grow your own..its the best.


day 92

The stash

bowl Of stink

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Hmph, that was the answer i was hoping not too get but thank you for your responce. What are the options for fighting for Marijuana, Since i'm disabled at home i've got a lot of spare time to fight for this cause.


Heya Lynx, been through exactly what your goin through. Is Illegal, but fark em, its your body, medicate with whats best for you.

Grow a small grow to supply yaself, I also have buds stashed like Vape. Only way to ensure a consistant, well grown supply of starins that help you.


tell em to stick their morphine in their arse, its not a long term solution, even the coedine will fark with ya head if ya take it long enuff, and especially if ya drink.

I now take only Cannabis and Concentrates like hash... sure i need the occassional anti inflammitory and maybe a pain killer here and there, but for the most part, I'm off the Pharma shit.... and much better off for it. Ya may need it for awhile to get ya sorted, but ya dont need it long term. Peace, and good luck. Nibbler

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A soiless medium like coco or canna terra would have to be the easiest of the setups in my personal opinion, no scrubbing out containers every time you change nutes or disposing of large quantities of used water.



If you want to fight for marijuana you could start by signing the petition for WA that is floating somewhere around the forum for medical cannabis, writing to all your local members of Parliament is also a good idea.

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