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Slight leaf curl n tip burn during flowering normal?


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sweet seeds cream caramel

In soil/perlite

Using cron's super sauce


So its well into flower still with some weeks to go i think,

The leaves have a slight bit of curl to them and some of the tips have a little burn

Is this from over fert?

Might try to do a good watering next time would like to know what you guys think


The photos are just after it rained, i was at work and couldn't get em out in time



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Mate they probably hit a lil pocket of sauce . lol . They are fine, dont water em tooo much and maybe if ya gonna get a few rains coming , seen as they an Indica dom, maybe a clear sheet suspended over em to keep water outta the buds in late flower. Look decent though Fudge.......Cream Caramel Fudge...... hehe . Peace. Nibbler.
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