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Front page news today. Another young Australian dies taking LSD. I don't recall anyone dying froman LSD overdose, perhaps if I googled a little harder I might find an overdose case from the extract of the ergot rust.

I remember a few that tried to fly and found that they couldn't.

This is not what's pissing me off. True It's sad that a 15yo should prolly not be thinking about a conciousness expanding drug; develop mature your consciousness then concider a multidimensional experience. What makes me truely sad is that this kid need only have travelled an hour up the road to reach P. Cubensis country.

I can't know for sure but suspect the "LSD" was actually an synthetic analogue of LSD if it was LSD at all.

If kids are going to do this then "suppliers" have a responsibility to ensure It's safe.

If they preffer not to be careful enough... Then I hope they meet Dexter.


edit: OK got home form work and had a bit more of a Google- IF you took 200+ micrograms of LSD you would overdose, tho I'm still not sure that that would kill you


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The problem is now that it's made front page news, any follow up stories revealing any decent information, unfortunately won't make the same page and won't get seen by many people.


In a similar vein, also today a "DVD Pirate" got arrested in Sydney. The last 2 times a shop in Sydney got "busted" for selling "pirated DVD's", they were actually 2 Asian stores who actually had the rights from the Asian producer of the music and movies they were distributing, to legally distribute the works among the Australian community.


This real information only came out at the court case a year later but the damage had already been done. Even though the courts had ruled that these people had the legal rights to copy and distribute the music/movies, their names, photos and shop had already been splashed all over the front pages of the Australian media, doing damage to their reputation.


Of course, if you read most articles or did a follow up you'd know, but it still left millions of Australians thinking that these people had broken the law because it had been on the front page.


The media are a bunch of pigs who don't deal in the truth, they serve up whatever slops sell the news.


This is no different, the kid most probably died from something else, as you say, but the truth isn't as spectacular as the word of the media.


Edit: got that a bit mixed around :D

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lol As much as my muddled mind thinks you're pulling my leg :P politics, in this country is one of things I despise, but we do definitely need a shakeup lol although my kind of shakeup wouldn't get too many votes lol.


I don't wanna pull this thread off topic but this is a perfect example of my point and what a lot of Aussies swallow "Daily"*:



If I'm not mistaken, that Telstra ad is bigger than the truth on page 17, news that liberates a man who was accused for so long, is outnewsed by an ad?


WTF indeed.


*if it's owned by NewsCorp, then it was in your state's pop-rag too, no doubt.


Edit: have you got a link to the LSD kid? Wouldn't mind having a read to see if they mention circumstances

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