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Australian surveillance ‘out of control’: 20% increase in 1 year

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... But you're making a very large assumption about someone you know nothing about regarding the reasons I feel this way.


My post was written with mostly the majority in mind as opposed to being a more personal evaluation. Excuse my tone if you thought it was a personal attack, it was not intended in that way.


Plus youre making a pretty stretched assumption that the media in this country is somehow connected to government and more pointedly law enforcement? Overall, this doesn't affect my daily life in any way that I know about so I'm not worried out of my mind.....yet/


Okay, let me share some reality with you....


Murdoch's prolific Australian media empire writes 'to the right' and is read by a shitload of people every day.


Actually, I shouldn't say "read", more like.... "absorbed".


Murdoch currently owns and operates The Sydney Morning Herald and *oh you guessed it*, the Australian Financial Review


Therefore any ideals represented in the article should be represented as one, and not 2 different media outlet's ideals.They are owned by the same person.


Sidenote: Anyone not familiar with Rupert Murdoch's notorious influence on the opinions of the journalists he employs, should research that fact now before commenting any further.


P.S. I like comic sans font


In mentioning Murdoch's influence on his people I hope to enlighten you to the fact that any media outlet can easily represent the government's ideals of the day. As long as they follow the media owner's interests. (Which isn't hard with Murdoch)


Murdoch also owns Fox News which has a pretty good reputation as "one of the most farcical news networks to have ever existed". (okay, those are my words but ask anyone and I'm sure they'll agree)


Have you seen the level of "News" on that network? It only serves to keep the sheep fed with whatever the fuck sheep eat. By the looks of it, entertainment news and inane questions about serious world conflicts is what sells, so they keep showing it.


But I'm getting off the point.


Another fact is that the Police in Australia only release the information that they feel the public should know, so ultimately the media are only getting the criminal activity that they are supposed to know.


The media are given this information via sites like (WARNING: the following link are external links to the AFP Media info site and State Police's Media info sites) this, this, this, this and this.


By visiting these sites regularly, you actually get the news, without spin, without bullshit, without embellishment. All news, all the time.No bullshit.



Now citizens of the US are the most secretly surveyed people on earth as a result of actions by others.


Whether that statistic is true or not still begs the question, "what percentage of America's citizens feel that they were caught doing something wrong as a direct result of this supposed increase in previously unwarranted surveillance?"


Personally, I heard a lot of shouting about the supposed increase in unwarranted surveillance right before the changes happened but haven't heard any protests after the changes had been implemented, actually, I don't think I can remember 1 incident where someone claimed they were hard done by as a result of the USA'a supposed increased in surveillance of everyday citizens.


Probably because those people were always criminals and were going to get caught one way or another.


Because remember, that's what we're talking about... the surveillance of 'law abiding citizens', the surveillance of you, me, them, everybody... everybody... every-body, needs some-body, every-


sorry, I just punched a few big ones and...




Right... so... my point at the moment is that the media will tell you whatever the police tell them, and when it comes to the government and their news, well... news from there comes out when they also want it to come out (with the few exceptions, but no Australian Watergate, by far)


Sometimes I like to debate for the sake of debate too just to learn something new too.


"The day the human race stops learning is the day we start going backwards" Quoted from ...(I don't know, but if i just made it up then cool.... I just made a quote)



as for those current affair type shows arrrgggh.


Here's a useful tip for those who have issues dealing with modern society:


I use those shows to gauge my medication levels, When I watch Sunrise and ACA and TT, if I start getting angry at the bullshit they spew every day, I need more meds.


If I watch those shows and say "hahahha, I can't believe people believe this shit lmao!!"


Then I know I'm sweet as.


It works man, no harm in tryin'


I'm not trying to be an alarmist and personally not overly worried but I think the article was worth sharing, forget about everything in the article except one line ‘‘There can’t be much in the way of working checks and balances if we have a 20 per cent surge in activity in one year, and more than 300,000 authorisations.’’

Considering that there were more than 300,000 authorizations in one year alone most Australians are involved, every person with an affected device corresponds with multiple people meaning those people are also being compromised. Even the oldies in a nursing home can be speaking to someone whose phone is tapped so they are in a way affected.


Definitely the people on the line to the suspect, are also being recorded.... but what about this...


300,000 authorisations, equals 300,000 times they conducted surveillance on someone. Don't confuse that with 300,000 different people being surveilled. (I fuckin' swear that's a word but I think the Yanks made it up. Either way you know what I'm sayin')


So... of course a criminal under investigation is going to have surveillance on them but the mystery number that I was mentioning before when I said that there are no comparable numbers, is the average amount of times they surveilled each suspect.


If each suspect is authorized to be under surveillance, I can only assume that they need permission for each different form of communciation, yes?


So let's list the 5 most common ways of surveilling a suspect that we know the Feds may use:


ISP authorisation.

Mobile Phone call/SMS records authorisation (if not the same)

Mobile Phone continued live surveillance authorisation

Home phone live surveillance authorisation

Detectives following the suspect continously surveillance authorisation (dunno what that's called but you know what I'm sayin')


So that's 5 ways of keeping track of what the suspect has been and is doing right now, breaking that 300,000 number down to an average of 60,000 different suspects being surveilled.


Out of over 20,000,000 people in Australia? okay 10,000,000 minus the minors. Add 4 mill for the illegal Kiwis, we come to a pretty small percentage of people who are being looked or listened in on,


So it's not so scary after all, is it? I mean, with society's generous population of people who act a lot more like assholes and criminals then you do, it's safe to say unless you're a major criminal, you've probably got nothing to worry about.


Take precautions by all means, but don't let the worry get to so much that it rules your life. We live in a fair country with idiots in charge.... but they ain't Hussein or Armhadinhijad (Sp?) so we're sweet until the next election.


I was going to preface my original post with a personal experience, should have but didn't.

Five years ago my 17 year old nephew was charged with possession and supply, for some reason his mates phone was bugged and he and my nephew went halves in an ounce of mj. Because my nephew scored and gave his mate his half he was charged with supply. The point is he was busted because of a phone tap on his mates phone, nothing to do with my nephew, he was collateral damage.

The lawyer managed to get the charge thrown out.


​I arranged for the lawyer .... to get to the point - the lawyer had been to the communications center in Brisbane and told us he couldn't believe how big the place was and how sophisticated the equipment is. He said people they were tracking could change phones and within 30 minutes the Police were on to the new phone. Anything said or background noises could be magnified and bought up to stereo quality. In a lot of cases background conversations could be listened to. He said he never wanted to use a phone again.

That was five years ago :greedy:


Heres one link to the article, a simple google shows plenty more.



There's more to that story than what your nephew's mate is letting on. That's all I'll say until I know more.


Thanks for your input guys, it made me think. :) Might jump back on chat later tonight



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ha ha thats the best thing iv read in a long while. police / gov phone tapping a 17 year old phones yeah right coz they dealing with lots of drugs ha ha they dont even phone tap big dealers let alone a 17 year old. defintly more to the story other wise its a load of bull shit straight up
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I personally have never been worried or paranoid about any of my illegal actions (not that there is many). I figure if i am ever going to get caught it will happen one way or another. I don't like living in fear of being caught, It's not hard to simply shut it out. Not watching the news is a start, most of it is bull anyway and as many others have said it's all just spun in different directions to keep people living in fear and making them think it is what they want to hear.


If you are truly worried stop using the internet, un-hook your phone and live a disconnected life. The only way you will ever get caught out is if you tell someone or you do something stupid to get raided.


Life is too short to live in fear, too many people are worried about what will happen if they get caught or are too scared to do something just for the fact that it is illegal.


We all need to stop being sheep and step away from social norms. We will all be better off for it. :)


Peace!! :thisbig:

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