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DWC Growers: Tank additives?


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I use Cannazyme when I can afford it but also have good results without it. PK 13/14 is one I don't generally go without.


Naycha :peace:


Hey nay sorry for pulling up an old post but when you use cannazym do you notice a sort of brown goop in your res and around some roots when you change it? It's defiantly not root rot cos the res smells fresh still and the roots are nice and healthy. I'm thinking it it the dissolved root matter breaking down from the zym? As mentioned this is the first time I've used cannazym so wasn't sure what to expect.



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Hey Nici I'm using nitrozyme and have the same thing happening. I think its just the colour of the stuff because my roots are going crazy and there's no smell. I panicked when I saw as this is my first DWC but its its been a few weeks and all is good. I did a Res change without it and the roots went back to pure white so I've started using it again.


Can't believe the roots on this thing! Leaves my old hempy buckets for dead. Although the hempys are awesome outdoors.


Cheers, the goose!

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