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2012 High Times Cannabis Cup Results

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'allo stoners lol..here is the results of the 2012 cannabis cup..


Intresting to note, Barney's chose not to enter this year,no reasons known yet..




25th High Times Cannabis Cup (2012) Winners And Categories Cannabis Cup

  1. Flower Bomb Kush - the Green House Coffeeshop
  2. Shoreline - the Green Place
  3. Evergrey - the Grey Area

Indica Cup

  1. Kosher Kush – Reserva Privada
  2. True OG - Elemental Seeds
  3. SFV OG Kush - Cali Connection

Sativa Cup

  1. Amnesia Haze - Soma's Sacred Seeds
  2. Sour Amnesia - Hortilab
  3. Green Shack - Strain Hunters Seedbank


  1. Loud Scout - Loud Seeds
  2. Rock Star - Bonguru Seeds
  3. Rug Burn OG - Rare Dankness Seedse

Neder Hash

  1. Lemon Crystal - the Green House Coffeeshop
  2. Grey Crystal - the Grey Area
  3. M.O.G - the Green Place

Seed Company Hash

  1. The Wheezy - Reserva Privada
  2. Tangerine Compound - Rare Dankness Seeds
  3. The Tangie - DNA Genetics

Import Hash

  1. Sharkberry Cream - the Green House Coffeeshop
  2. Twizzler - the Green Place
  3. Maroc Lemon Haze - The Bushdocter

Product Cup

  1. Big Buddha Seeds Goodie Bag - Big Buddha Seeds
  2. PUFFiT Inhaler/Vaporizer - VapoShop and Discreet Vape
  3. Tiny Sister - Roor

Best Booth

  1. Big Buddha Seeds
  2. Cali Connection
  3. Roor

Glass Cup

  1. Drill Bill - Roor Glass
  2. Puk Pipe - Puk Pipe
  3. The MF Doom Borch - DNA Genetics and Hitman Glass

CBD Award

  1. Lion's Tabernacle - Cali Connection

Freedom Fighter of the Year

  1. Mason Tvert

Dutch Master Honorees

  1. Wernard Bruining and Nol van Schaik





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