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Ok so the problem is : one of the smallest, was fine yesterday and suddenly is just - pretty much dead or dying (hope I can rescue it!) and one of the bigger ones that seemed to be going strong, has started going brown/burning up around the edges...



The worst hit though is this little one !!! Was nice and green in the morning and came home to this...



This only happened yesterday after being outside (I guess cooked from the heat?)


Otherwise I thought maybe they are too close to the light (its not a super harsh/intense light, roughly 100w or so, and indoors they have the fan going etc



Outside the small pats sit in a bigger pot raised off the ground. It might be residual heat (pavement, brick walls/fence) raidiating out heat and cooking them? or just the pot size is too small ???


The other few seem to be going okay...





Since then they've been indoors overnight... Might put them out on the window sill or something but, not entirely sure what to do....


Reading up Im guessing it could be the fert messing with them? so might just pick that off and see how it goes.


Any ideas guys?


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If you have been using fertiliser or the mix has fertiliser the plants cannot take it. They don't need fertiliser for at least a couple of weeks after germination. The sun is not the problem, unless you watered them in the sun, that burns them.


Go to cannaversity, you will find how to look after seedlings.

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The sun is not the problem...


... that is, of course, if the seedlings are used to seeing the sun. I have quite a few 2 leaf seedlings outdoors and even in the 37C heat the seedlings all looked fine and they are in smaller pots than what you are using. Granted, if you grew the seedlings indoors and then put them out into strong sunlight, they may burn... indoor grown seedlings need to be hardened off over a few days to cope with outdoor conditions.


But, like Brick has mentioned... fertiliser burn looks more like the culprit in this case.

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hi dude,

it looks like feed burn to me or watering at the wrong time?. if you are planting into pots direct layer the fertilizer about 10 Cm down that way the seedlings cant get nutrients until they are mature enough to handle it and take what they need. if it dies have a look at the root system and see if it discoloured or rotted.


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