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Roots comming from bottom of pot.

un named

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So i noticed two small roots comming from the bottom of a drainage hole in my pot. I had read if this happends it usually means your plant has outgrown your pot the only problem is that my pot is almost as big as my plant. could this be a problem? the only thing i can think of is dry pockets in the soil.


Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Growing Medium: Premium potting mix from my local nursery

Growing Style: LST

Watering/Feeding Frequency: every second water (once every 2 weeks aprox)

Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): N/A

PH Levels:N/A

Temperature/Humidity Levels: 26 - 30. 45%

Air Flow/Fans etc.: 6 inch inline exhaust fan. oscillating fan

Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): HPS

Total Wattage:400 watt

Growth Stage: 2 weeks into flowering

Plants Age:5-6 weeks approx

Cannabis Strain: northen lights x haze from sensi seeds.

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You could probably re-pot it at that stage but your better to leave it for few days to week more, just to make sure you got a nice good root ball and half the medium isn't going to fall away when you remove the pot. ;)
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As louise has said just get one thats close to the consistancy of the other and when you tease the root ball on transplanting do it over the pot with your new mix in there so all the soil that comes loose on teasing it, falls in on top then just give it mix around so that the new and old soil are combined together to ensure the roots travel into the new mix. ;)
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