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First time growing


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Hey guys,


A couple of days ago i planted 5 germinates seeds into cups and am now looking forward to planting them away from home as soon as they're ready, and hopefully grow some nice healthy plants :xcited:. However I am new to growing and will be planting out in the woods, and haven't yet prepared the soil in which I will be transferring these so I need some advice on an easy and possibly cheap way to get the right nutrients into the soil without having to wait for months. I need to transfer my little plants asap as I am growing them at home, so i need a quick method to set up my final grow area.


I have a few questions:


Should I plant them in pots or in the existing soil (in my location it is a very bad soil)? If using pots, what size?


I was thinking about buying a potting mix which already contains organic nutes, such as Ozmocote Plus. Would the plants grow fine if i simply used this, or do I need other stuff like nutes, fertilisers, coco, lime, manure? (I am looking for the simplest method possible considering its my first time)


If I plant into the ground, should I dig a hole for each plant and simply put the soil and nutes into it, mix it in and give it a good watering before i plant them?


There is a small pond with stagnant water near by, could I use this to water my plants?


I would really appreciate your help, as I am really keen on the idea of growing my own plants and gaining more knowledge on the subject as it looks like a lot of fun. I know its a bit late to plant but i really want to give it a try this year! :P


Cheers, BigBowl :afro:

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thanks for that dude :)

I might have not explained myself properly though, I have some little plants already growing in potting mix, however I need information on actually planting them in their final location (the woods) and therefore need to soon prepare the right soil mixture for them to survive till the end of the season as I can't keep them at home.

I hope I explained myself properly, and I will definitely check out cannaversity :thumbsup:

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haha yeah i meant the bush, forest, or whatever you wanna call it :P and its pretty well hidden

So basically if I buy a good potting mix which already contains nutrients and allow the plants to have enough sunlight then I should be right for growing?

Next year I will most likely plan ahead more and put some blood and bone, compost, manure etc nice and early, but for now as a first time grow i am gonna stick to quick and simple

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