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Budding too early


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Hi all,

I normally grow indoors, so when I take clones etc , It is all done indoors under 18 hrs of light. I was recently busted after being dobbed in by family and was In the veg stage of a Scrog. The cops just ripped all the plants off the screen just leaving a few small pieces that were ripped off and lying on the floor. I managed to salvage about 8 pieces but out of these only 2 struck roots. Here is my problem:

I have since put these outside but they have both gone into bud because they were struck under 18/6.

Last year I put clones outside at the start of Spring and they did the same thing.

They bud for about 5 weeks then go back into grow and start budding again at the end of January. The problem is that the original bud then dies off and the new bud grows over the top of it, leaving a whole heap of dead, dried up crappy bud in the centre.

Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know how to stop the plant budding and go back into grow straight away?

The Strain is Jack Herer and they would be just over a foot tall, Just showing the first white hairs, so it is probably a couple of weeks into bud at this stage.


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Yes they will do thay due to the light hours drop, then they reaslise they were wrong and there is more than 12hrs of day light so they reveg for a month or so dependign when you put them out. Then flower at the appropriate time. Its quite normal and will happen to any strain.


If they are in pots and you can bring them under the patio at night and leave them under the light they will say in veg and slowly over a few weeks reduce they supplemnt evening light and they will realsie its still veg season and last ya till autum.

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Just trim the buds off when the plants have revegged to stop mold problems later. They're usually still worth smoking. I've grown Jack Herer, it produces massive colas and most plants will need 10-12 weeks to finish once they start flowering. It does have reasonable mold resistance but the long flowering time outdoors is a bit of a worry
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Cheers El Gato. They were in pots until a week ago. Unfortunately I didn't notice any signs of her going to bud so I put them in the ground. Very good info though that I can use next year, Thanks!

Thankyou Bufo, I should have done that last year!! I think that seeing how they are in the ground, your advice would be best. I will wait til they start to re-veg and snip off the buds and hope it won't take too long to recover from what will be a pretty big prune!! Peace

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Cheers Nibbler. I think the plants are too small to be covering them now. Good idea though. If they were a bit bigger I would do that, but I really need a couple of thumpers to keep me going next year. Cops took all my equipment so I have no way of growing inside to supplement it. I have a few plants in pots that I started from seed. I will be putting 3 or 4 of those inside for 12 hrs to hopefully get some nugs in a couple of months!! Peace, Sloth.
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