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The worlds biggest drug survey - join in


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I've just completed the survey above and thought I should share the link for anyone who is interested.


The details and reasons for the survey are explained on the link. It wasn't the shortest survey, but I felt it might contribute to ending the war on drugs and the demonisation of drug users (I'm not that confident it will, but it feels like the right thing to do).


You aren't obliged to provide any identifying details, I did and feel assured they won't be disclosed (my date of birth was the most personal thing they asked for).


Anyone else want to contribute?



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I recommend this survey. Yes it can be a long one - especially if you've got a long drug history. BUT the good points are that you get to talk about pleasure from different drugs including cannabis as well as your views on alternative policies.


And it is self-funded - Global Drug Survey is not beholden to any government funding. They get such good promotion because they make a deal with mainstream media so they promote the study then get exclusives on presenting the first results. But the media folks don't have access to data nor can they pick the story. So it's a good set up for findings that might rock the establishment if that makes sense.


And I have a module in there on Silk Road this year. :)

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Thanks for the extra info Monica,

I opened it up and saw NBC, faifax etc and closed it again. Media surveys are generally not robust, often the reasearch question is leading or misleading, samples are not usually random etc etc...(usually violating many or all of the assumptions for parametric tests) and data is often cherry picked. But if you give it the thumbs up, then maybe I will go back and respond to the questions.


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