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influencing the sex of plants


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Has any one herd of putting banana peels around the base of a pot plant to ininfluence it to be a femail


Thers is some science behind this, just not much lol


Bannana peels release ethylene (also called ethene) into the air. Ethylene is a very important hormone involved in controlling cannabis sex. Silver works when reversing the sex of plants by blocking the ethylene pathway. A lack of ethelyne induces male flowers, an abundance of it induces female flowers. Bannana peels dont give off enough ethylene to make this of much practical use to growers in reality though. You can't make male plants female with them....it's possible you could use them to help stop bannanas forming on sex reversing prone female plants. But I doubt it.


:peace: Mongyman

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Yeah thought it has no real merit. But my dealer reckons that cause banana's have potasium that the peels would have potasium & u use more potasium when buding. He was so convinced he thru me out in a rage when i tried to show him another opinion from the great 'Jorge Cervantes author of ' Marijuana Horticulture ' talks about an array of factors. higher nitrogen, more blue & white light, lower temps, more humidity & fewer hours of light, to grow more females. He was so mad he even said that female plants don't get seeds. Can't wait to be totally self supplying. Only 3 months away & luck getting the seeds i've ordered. WHOA what an afternoon.
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