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make your own bong /GLASS - DRILL'D EASEY


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hi b illow , its just with them lil grinding stone's , with a ellect drill can get threw in 5 seconds ,


with the combo of the hard tiny rtocks allot of water over the area were your gringing threw it never crack's . .. no need for sand inside bottle .ustrinds off presh softly , glass grind off hallf the size of sand /real dusty , works well ,






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That's a nice bong you made there S1


I remember my days of tinkering away making bongs and various other increments to smoke the holy sacremant. Vapourizors made out of a glass bulbs etc.


One of those glass cutting tools would go a long way, with some stoner ingenuity. Have you tried hitting up a glass blower and stemming through some glass on glass work, doing up a few double chambers. You could go into production and start making up your own pieces of work, do up an internet business.


Old bottles of piss etc, big tawlies. Make a bong with a pumping mechanism that rips the cone for you before you lightly rip the goodness into you bloodstream. Bucket bongs are good but they don't filter the crap that comes through the cone.


I allways prefer a blob of hashish on a stove before you suck it up with a glass straw.


mad ye ye ye

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lol , go Capt. Smash, ya piss head.... hehe . Cool, havent seen a galliano bong for years, we used to have a massive galliano bottle drilled with a diamond tipped drill, made into a 4 pipe hookah.

Just be careful mate, Galliano bottles are pretty thick and small boddied, try that with a grindin stone on a JD bottle or a JB bottle it may shatter.


Looks cool but mate, soak it in warm water and dish wash liquid, and those labels come off and ya can have a clear bong. Peace. Nibbler.

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nar nibbs ive done it on heaps diff bottles , once u get a lil mark in it an it stops slipping all over the place , the it goes threw in seconds ,its comes off just like dust , just dont press to hard ,!! were glass's use water ,.



owe nibbs the black paint on the outside the galliano bottle were's off after a lil while

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This is a more elegant way to go about it. Diamond core drill bits, you need to use water with them, so make sure you use a cordless drill

and in a couple of minutes you have a hole.

They're really cheap on ebay, for 10mm stems get a 12mm drill bit, that way you can fit a standard grommet.

I drill holes in glass for other purposes all the time with bits like this.



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