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american 60 minute report on Colorado and medical mj

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Yeah all the canna edibles were insane. I cant wait to live in a world where I can consume them legaly.


And as the dude was saying bout the tax payers not wanting the police to go after the pot heads and med users, it makes alot of sence to me and I am sure others who may need to take a step back and look at the whole canna picture.

I am a tax payer and I dont want the police to waste their time busting me. I want them to bust pedos and murderers etc. The only thing I do wrong is go against the words of the law, where I cultivate and consume cannabis and have possesion of paraphinalia, that is all. No B&E's, no bag snatching, no fraud or any other form of deception to obtain money. I dont pay for some crim to sit home and do nothing and possibly break other laws. I dont sell, I giuve to some friends but I dont have many that smoke so I consume 98% or so. I grow and consume responsably, out of site and away from minors.


So why bust me? It wont change me or affect me much. It will cost them more than it will me. If they do bust me its because they are week and see me as a soft target. Just like a bully does. Untill the laws change here all I hope is that if I am under survailance they see that I am not a threat to the community, my family or myself and leave me alone.

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