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Hi there, first time post but been lurking for a couple of months now. Have got my first grow going at present, the place I am growing is outdoors, but is very rocky - can't dig into the ground far enough to plant in the ground. I haven't found any topics quite on point here so far, I am growing in pots. Just curious what size pots I really need to be growing in? The bigger the better I guess, have an auto growing in a 40 liter wheely trundler which I am guessing being an auto should be fine, but repotted my biggest today - be about 40cm tall thus far - discovered the pot it was in was already rootbound, the new pot is probably about 12 liters - is slightly bigger all up than a regular bucket - just wondering how big I will need the pots to be in the end to have a good go. Not really after max yield, just increase total grow numbers to get the same yield. But still after something of a good yield per plant. This one I have repotted is on the right in the picture.


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Thanks, the plants do look healthy, don't know what it is I do but seem to be able to grow anything. Funny thing is the roomates are trying to grow a couple of plants each too, and they have done grows in the past, one guy has grown on and off for 30 years, this is my first time growing and I think his have all ended up dying on him.

I have tried using milk crates in the past for other things the way you describe, didn't really work too well. Have some pots that are similar size to milk crates as it is, just thinking I might need to go bigger than that still.

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The bigger the better is correct. Im indoors but I start with a 50ltr.

Transplanting stress plants out and indoors its a pain in the arse to transfer much easier to start BIG.

A mate of mine grows outside, he uses a wheelie bin with holes in the bottom for drainage, so he can move it easily come inspection time. He uses 100ltr wheelie bin cut off 1/2 way down, the top 1/2 he has cut into 4 sides and reconnected with leather strapping, a bit like a hinge, He pulls all four sides up and the lid holds it all together. He has a really nosey landlord and she hasnt seen anything. Once she's gone, he releases the lid and all four sides drop down, a bit like a ramp on each side.

One year he was a bit concerned about fence jumpers, he closed the bin up put it on the back of his ute and brought it out to my place.



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As much as I like the wheelie bin idea, I'm pretty sure the council will get suspicious after about the third week of another one 'stolen'. Been to bunnings but they have 25 liter containers for $11, or 50 liter ones for $27; I wouldn't mind using those tarpaulin type material bags that some trees come in but can't seem to find them being sold at the garden shops etc. maybe will have a try on ebay.

Edit: planter bags, seem to be a few on ebay, might go the 75L for about $40 for 5 posted.

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