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Mexican cartels kicked in the guts.

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If oregon had also voted to legalise marijuana then the mexican drug cartels might have lost 20% of their profits or over a billion dollars US. Even with only washington and colorado voting for legalisation the market is diminished plenty enough to hurt those mexican crime lords.




Especially if and when pot gets supplied cheaply by those two states to the rest of america.

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Don't underestimate how much mexican brick weed is trafficked at any point in time. Those dudes ship shitloads.


Fair enough. I had a second thought about the legal marijuana states supplying others. This may be true, but I'd imagine the big grow hoses have pretty tight controls on what ends up at a dispensary and what goes out the back door.

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I think you are now allowed 6 personal plants in Colorado. Think about that. If a third of Coloradans each grew 6 plants measuring 7-20 feet high each. They are going to be sorely tempted to sell their excess to an interstate distributor. Why hang onto it when you will soon have another legal 6 plants growing fresh weed. the rego is nearly due. Electricity prices keep going up. Sure would be nice to have a couple of extra bucks. :greedy:
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I just saw on the tv news mention of the US states that voted to make possession legal.

An important point that everyone is overlooking is that the vote is for possession only, they still won't be allowed to actually grow the plants.


The new Colorado law states you are allowed 3 mature plants with 6 in total. I have yet to see the laws definition of plant maturity so that is unknown


Washington does not have a similar law

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