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Auto fem males.


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Planted 3 super silver haze x ruderalis a month ago. Feminised auto's I bought from demonseeds. So they have barely been growing for 3 weeks and one has started flowering. Just noticed this morning. Unfortunately its not female bud but male. I thought this was impossible with feminised seed. I'm wondering whether to keep it for making seed later. Will the seed be mostly female or regular? For now I'm snipping off the buds and smoking them. I'll keep it separate from the main grow just in case. No sign of the others flowering yet. Hopefully the rest will be as advertised.


If I can get auto seed this way then its fine. I don't mind that. Just trying to find out if its worth keeping the male for pollen.




According to this page there should be no males but the seedbank might have used another method.

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Most likely it's a straight up male.....When I bought 10 X AK47 FEM Auto Seeds a couple of years ago....3 of them were males and the rest apart from one seed were not auto at all...

There are a lot of shitty genetic going around...Personally I would collect the pollen and breed it.


I used the Pollen from one of the males and crossed it with a NYLD to get the cross I now work with.

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Looks like a full on male. Snipped 5 or 6 balls off. Its only on its second set of true leaves. Don't how long until the females are ready and I don't want it contaminating the other strains. Little danger of that really as the rest aren't auto's. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep it alive for seed later. Assuming its still going when the females are ready.
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