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Parents testing children for drugs

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How to lose your kid's respect forever... takes 5mins and costs only $9.95.


i was just down the chemist , $24-95 a box , with one testing thing in it !! , if it was 10 bucks i was going to get one lol, fuck paying 25 bucks !!.

an theres ones with 6 x testing things in em (good for half the footy team ) did'nt say how much them ones were ,

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God help the kids today? They sure need it. Whatever happened to good old communication and trust?


Society, consumerism, forces both parents to work. There was always someone there when I got home from school. Mother, father even a great uncle who lived in a bungalow. There was always someone there to talk to, someone to listen to me. Any parent worth their salt would notice a change is their childs behaviour, without resorting to drug testing. Then be able to sit with them and calmy have a chat

What a great way to show your child you don't love them. Love is trust.

Parents should never be afraid to talk openly about drugs, sex and any other things that their child may be curious about. You have to show your chrildren you are there for them all the time.

No matter what the circumstances.

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