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Avoid Inside Sun

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I don't usually do this, but in this case, I feel it is important to let folks know about this company.


They offer great pricing on lights and I have many friends that have been satisfied with their products in the past. Unfortunately, all that seems to have changed.


In the past month, 4 members of my home site have ordered ballasts from Inside sun.One got what he ordered and it works fine.


One received a defective rebuilt unit when he ordered new. After some arguing, he has been told that he will be given a new one. We will see.


Another member ordered a rebuilt unit and got a sealed outdoor type ballast that overheated immediately. After contacting inside sun, he was told he needed to run a fan over the ballast and that there was nothing wrong with it. This person opened up the case and did the fan thing and the ballast now doesn't overheat. I still think it is wrong to sell sealed outdoor ballasts for indoor use. You shouldn't have to modify the thing once you purchase it.


The worst instance involves a true medical grower on the site. This person is on a fixed disability income and because of his medical conditions, can't really be tinkering with things. His unit was also an outdoor type and overheated. He was also told to modify the thing, but he can't. It took a lot of saving for him to make this purchase and to see him get screwed over really pisses me off. Thankfully, a few of us at the site donated some parts and pieces to him to get him back up and running. But he has been told that he will not get a refund or an exchange.


I don't know what has happened at inside sun, but I recommend that folks stay away from them.




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That's pretty shitty man.


Yeah, tom's right, there are quite a few disreputable dealers out there, but the best way to test is if they'll run it in front of ya. Although this isn't possible through a mail order service, (which I'd avoid anyway) a good hydro shop should never refuse this.


I hope you work things out man, good luck for you and your mems. :) :)

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i can understand people ordering hydro equipment over the net instead of going to the store though. There have been some reports of people been tracked by the cops watching the hydro shops, not alot of substantial stuff but enough to scare people off. I was a bit nervous when i bought my ballast from the shop but it was about 20 miles away and i was going to other places on the way home so i figured i was pretty safe, plus its pretty common knowledge that half the population in that suburb grow or smoke it. The same could be said for online i guess but then usually they would be private and not keep a persons credit card on file etc (one would hope so?). I did see a report last week on tv news about some MJ bust that was linked with a hydro store, though i didnt catch the full story, did anyone else see it?
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