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How To Pass A Urine Test?

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hello mate,

whjat country are you in?

there are heaps of products that can supposedly help you past drug tests.but I haven't tried any myself. what are you being tested for?


most chems past through your system in a matter of days, pot i believe takes a fair bit longer.

I'l try and find you the link to somem help sites


take it easy

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Guest Elefunk

yer u r going to have to bag up your dads piss and put it in a zip lock bag and tape it to your inner crotch section...

dun forget 2 make a dripper..

prob stash that in your sock...


as elmo says....practice makes perfect

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what are you being tested for ?? the doctor can only tell your employer what he is looking for. Im guessing that your employer wants to know if anyone has Hepatitis A,B or C this is the main reason why they test people. Lots of my friends & family have gone for random blood/urine testes and everything has gone well for them. Ask the doctor what he is looking for & work out your game plan from there. I myself would be honest with the doctor (tell him or her you have a few pipes every night to help you relax from everyday stress). Doctors are asked to do specific tests, so dont worry too much (remember to ask your doctor what they are looking for).


~ peace lol

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