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The New Scientist Articles On Marijuana

Guest BudWaver

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That was surprisingly fair. I fully expected one in ten million cases of addiction to be highlighted beyond all sane rational logic. Every media source does that. The quotes from reasonable scientists explaining why this or that conclusion was gutter science really made it enjoyable. Anyone remember those Rhesus monkey tests of long ago yesterday. The ones where they force fed the equivalent of thousands of reefers a day into strapped down monkeys via face masks. They killed them, cut their heads open, counted the dead brain cells and 'concluded' that pot causes brain damage. This was the governments basis for a heavy anti-toking campaign in schools and universities. It took NORML or some other mob atleast 6 years to obtain the experiments details. Turned out that the brain damage was caused by asphyxiation. The poor animals were getting so much smoke that no oxygen was getting through.


Toxicity is all a matter of dose anyway. A lot of people dont seem to realise this. Anything is dangerous in excessive quantities. Even oxygen and water for god sake. I don't see the US trying to ban those. As far as I'm concerned pot is perfectly safe and the better part of a century worth of research funded by these clowns in office hasn't turned up dick. I would rather run through hell wearing gasoline soaked pyjamas than support a law that is unconstitutional. Marijuana laws defy the right to pursue happiness without hurting others. Its clearly wrong. Medical research proves this, history shows us with the alcohol prohibition and our conscience tells us something crooked is happening.

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