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what strain should I get

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You could grow anything out there with a bit of work especially if you have a good water source.

But with the kind of sunshine you would recieve a good sativa or a sativa indica hybrid could produce a massive yield.

Kind of envious.

Ive always wanted to grow PNG gold outdoors but that might want to have a little bit more humidity. But other strain you could consider are anything with haze in it. And the 303 from the webiste below looks interesting. Mind you I am not endorsing spice brothers seeds or the website but should give you some ideas.



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check out www.cannagenetics.com


But any strain will grow where its hot and dry, thats the climate that most natural marijuana grows in.


Personally if your a newbie grower I would recomend a Northern lights strain.


what system? outdoors? indoor? Hydro? soil?

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