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how can i finish plants earlier than normal?

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plants are over 4 mths old and had first half of their life indoors and the rest outdoors.

not sure if these are ready but the flowers are kinda small, they look big due to the pics being close ups and u can see the yummy sticky frost :D

thats on the more mature plant, the other 3 arent quite as frosty and flowers are smaller. Even on the mature ones theyre not as juicy as ive seen in others pics, pretty damn good for a first grow though i reckon, maybe my hopes are 2 high but id like them a bit bigger.

Anyway from what ive been told before theres too many daylight hrs this time of yr to harvest them. Is it possible to cover with garbage bags a few hrs before sundown to speed up the flowering process? does it all depend on hrs of light or strength of sunlight as well? im in melb so its not as hot as the rest of the country right now. ;)

would like to finish these in the next 2-3 weeks if possible coz im wanting to go interstate for a week ...any ideas? thanks!


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closeup of the better plant, lots of frost, but a bad or good whichever way you take it, example of what happens when you prune plants too early on, notice how the flowers are growing bunched up close to the main stem......speaking of pruning should i do any at this stage? seeing as the leaves are pretty useless and i want flowers should i pull off more leaves?


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Is it possible yo leave them for a while?

They will follow the cycle of nature. as the daylight hours decrease that triggers the plant to bud in preparation for winter.

Why don't you harvest one and smoke it if you are desperate, and leave the rest to do their thang!

You can cover the plants and simulate less daylight, but in heat you run the risk of mould or diseases, especially if you use garbage bags.

Can you move them somewhere dark instead?

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notice how the flowers are growing bunched up close to the main stem......speaking of pruning should i do any at this stage? seeing as the leaves are pretty useless and i want flowers should i pull off more leaves?

High Kermit ;)


Those plants look great mate. Monster colas on all of em. You should be happy with em for sure.


I would suggest you have a variety of mj that is "columnar" in structure. A trait of an indica type mj. This means that the main stem will be where the bulk of your flowers emerge from, growing into to one big arse cola. It's genetic.


I would'nt remove the leaves as it won't promote bigger flowers at this stage. The leaves absorb and convert the sunlight into energy for your buds to grow [to put it simply]. Towards the end of flowering the plant will start to suck the last nutrients available in the leaves and they will begin to pale and drop off naturally. Removing them now late in flower will just be removing an energy source for your buds.


I used to grow outdoors, and as a really rough guide I would plant on Melbourne Cup day and harvest around Easter. Some strains may finish earlier but I would say your ladies could do with the extra time. MJ tends to put on a lot of weight towards the end of the flower cycle so you might be cutting yourself short so to speak.


I see that your ladies are in pots. Are you able to move them into like a dark garage or something? rather than put a garbage bag on them. A black garbage bag in the daylight will mould up your buds a treat. The plant will sweat in the bag and the humidity will condense on the inside of the bag and drip on your plant. Also you'll be choking them to death. Put em inside if you can. I used to put my pots on an old skateboard and wheel em in and out of a dark room to shorten the photoperiod


As exansion said, if you reeeaaally need some ganja. Cull one and leave the others to finish as you'll be happy with the weight they put on over the next month ;)


Hope that helps and sensational first grow Kermit ;)


:D Tugboat :)



Even on the mature ones theyre not as juicy as ive seen in others pics

Give em time and remember that sometimes a pic makes a plant look bigger or better than it would in person - so try not to judge your plants too much by comparing to other photos on the net. You plant on the far right [closest to camera] of pic 547 looks pretty big and juicy to me

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;) tripy spiral, thanks but no thanks, theres no way i would hurt my gals like that :D

yeah i guess i can leave em, its not that i need the smoke its just i am kinda scared shitless someone will get in and pinch them or some nosy fuck will dob me in. When you hear about someone with like 13 plants getting in the news as though its some big time fucking drug baron then its a bit of a worry. But then again i knew of a mate of a mate who got caught with 100+ 6 mths ago and he got a large fine that he was able to work off with community work, ya just never know.

i spose i could cut out some spaces in between the other non MJ plants in the garden which are about the same height and put them there, probably no one would see them unless they were looking hard for it. The vegitation is fairly dense though, wouldnt that mean more bugs and or mold? i dont think i can put em in the garage, it gets pretty hot in there plus no light and no water. anyway thanks everyone, yeah the flowers do look juicy but theres not alot of them so they need some more time i guess, just like any good woman reaching maturity ;)

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please don't try this because I havent tryed it and cant tell you if this will work but a friend told me if  you push rusty nails through the base of the stem this put the plant into stress causeing it to go into flower quicker than usal so has any one tryed this and if so what happened

:D I think that is a method for getting fruit trees to fruit, could be wrong but ;)




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