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First time grower with no knowlege on growing!

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Hi all,


I'm new to the forums. My dad got some seeds from a friend and the friend asked him to plant them and see if they grow. He has no idea what type they are or how to grow them. He planted them in the garden and they have grown to about half a meter each roughly.


Some of them have the leaves starting to sag on a couple plants. Most still seem to be growing. They have sprouts coming out still. We have about 7 plants growing, and most recieve plenty of sun.


I have some questions, if you could provide some answers, it would be much appreciated


Firstly, how high should they grow?

What should we feed it?

Does it need alot of water?

How long does a plant usually take to mature?

How do you prepare it for smoking? - will the leaves shrivel into buds or what?


Cheers, Shuvit_69

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