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keeping plant alive ?


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Hello. I live in South Oz and a guy sent me this seed from Canada last Year.

Its a really nice sticky female plant but is only 1 foot tall.

once i harvest the buds SOON, i want to know how i can i keep it alive until the next growing season, which will be around auguat this year.


I dont have lights, so will it survive say in my kitchen out of the winters cold.


Thanks Jason :)

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The key would be to increase the light hours the plant was recieving, although I am aware that some plants have been grown out of doors and revegged themselves after winter in mild climates, I'd say it's likely to simply pass as most annual plants do.


If you were really, really keen, you could keep it sheltered from the worst of the weather and the frosts, depends where you are really. If you keep it in the kitchen, it won't likely get the water, light, air movement or attentions it will need... You might succeed this way, but it's more likely to survive if you were to build a rudimentary grow box with a couple of compact fluoro's for lighting. You may do well that way, you may not. It's used to the sun and a CF is nothing in comparison to the great nuclear HID in the sky, but light is light, and given the plant will be harvested back to a small size anyway, and the shoots left behind will be small from lack of light, the plant should do okay if placed in a rudimentary indoor enclosure to reveg.


I'm currently revegging a plant in my current grow, and it's a most interesting process. The key thing is providing light in sufficient length, or should I say reducing the dark period to sufficient shortness. A stable growing environment and a good shot of Veg nutes, (I drop to about 4 or 6 points below my last ec reading at the end of flowering, before the flush. This is because the plants are still quite large, regardless of being hacked back, but don't require quite as much as they would have in full flower, partly because of the loss of foliage in the harvest, partly because they've been starved of nutrients for a couple weeks before said harvest and need to be brought back into it slowly...) is the way to best recover a flowered plant to vegetative state. Be careful not to overdo it, and don't remove all the flowers from the plant. These are where the new shoots for vegging will appear. As the flowers age on the newly vegging stems, the stems themselves will thicken and push them apart. This has become the new vegetative shoots stem now, and the flowers, unfertilised, have no purpose now. The plant will let them die, and these can become a prime possie for pathogens and nasties to get into your plant.


So cut off the flowers once the new stems have developed, you can use cuticle scissors or a scalpel, just take off the flowers as they die if you like, but don't foliar feed them or let them get wet whatever you do. Dead plant material, water, and darkness, (as the light will be blocked by the veg shoots foliage above) is a prime recipie for mould, as well as a few other nasties.


If you need any more advice on revegging mate, don't hesitate to ask masgwapo, I've done it a few times, and it's interesting, if not a sometimes frustrating process. You should also remember that the older a plant is past maturity, (I'm restricting this to annuals mind) the more susceptible to attack it will become, just because it has longer to be exposed. Keep the gr or growing area clean, and be vigilant, and you can successfully ressurrect strains you thought would be lost forever following flowering. lol


That all said, it's much easier to simply take cuttings and try and strike these, they take a little longer, and have a lesser success rate than a vegging plant cloned would, but still take after a while and will revert given the right photoperiod. Many clones can be taken to mitigate against losses, and mj is one of the easiest and quickest plants to propogate too. I can understand if you'd want to veg the plant before cloning it again tho, I prefer to do so myself, although I am set up for it.


Good luck masgwapo, let us know how ya go. And if it dies, ah well, you gave it a good shot and you've learned more about the plant in the meantime. :)

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Like Luke said , just bring her inside and up the lights to 18 to twenty hrs and she will revegetate , just make sure when you take the buds dont hack into her to hard , leave enough green material so she can still maintain Photosythisis .


I know a guy who had a monster mull plant in his yard that he just left and cut the buds of , this plant died back in winter and reveged the next season all on its own , this happened for 3 years and the plant was like a small tree , the trunk was as round as a coffee cup .

I dont know how long this process happened for as I lost contact with the this guy , he was in WA climate and the strain was some type of sativa .


I know another guy that does this regular , he clones his best mum , grows them and flowers them out , takes all the best tops and bumps the lights backup to 18 hrs , in about 2 wks he has new shoots coming , he grows on 18 for another week and reflowers them all except the most vigorest best yeilding one which he keeps growing as the next mum , the second flower produces real good and he harvests the lot on this flower , he then replaces them with clones form the best mum and repeats .

He does real well , and the few times I saw his plants they were pristeen and all the the same , no cows and calves in his room , alot of his quality comes from the best to best selection method .



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